WordPress Training and Support

Have you ever wished for a WordPress expert to take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know to create a compelling website?

You are not alone!

So, we developed a VIP Inner Circle WordPress Training program to help you master WordPress through video tutorials and  a Members Only Help Desk.

No matter what problem is stressing you out—themes, plugins, widgets, customization or site migration—our WordPress training will help you relax and move forward with confidence.

We go beyond simply telling you how to use WordPress and explain why you want to use the approach we teach.

Member Benefits

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As a member of the WordPress VIP Inner Circle you get:

  • Full access to ever growing library of video tutorials
  • Members Only Help Desk so you can ask questions about WordPress and get answers you can understand
  • Discounts on live training events and consultations

Library of Video Tutorials

WordPress videos are uploaded to the private members area—so you have an ever growing library of tutorials to review.

The Help Desk

Inside the members area you have access to a Members Only Help Desk. You can use this to ask us questions about WordPress. Questions you may want to ask include:

  • Is there a plugin to help me do______
  • What is the best theme for my project on ______
  • How do I do _________ in WordPress
  • I’m getting this error; how do I fix it
  • …anything WordPress related, just ask

The help desk ensures we never miss any of your questions. And you can review answers to questions you asked in the past.

How Much Is Membership?

For a limited time only WP Inner Circle membership is absolutely free. Nada. Zip. Nothing

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